The 8 Unwritten Rules Of The Bachelor Party


bachelor party
The standard stag party is both better and worse than you think.

Springtime in these United States means one thing: WEDDING SEASON! And, despite Wedding Crashers reminding us that guys can have fun at weddings too (hello hotel room sex), most of us dudes only get amped for the season because of the accompanying bachelor party.

The bachelor party is a time-honored male tradition right up there with knowing you can beat your dad in a fight, "exploring one's own body" for the first time and taking your first girlfriend for granted. That is, it's a seminal moment in a fella's life, in which everything that follows will be completely and irrevocably different. Perhaps because of the perceived dread at "having one vagina for the rest of your life," women sometimes imagine the absolute worst of a stag party. And it's not, typically, justified. Do Bachelor Parties Make Men Do Bad Things?


Despite the "anything goes when it comes to bros" nature of a film such as The Hangover, there are some general, unspoken rules to an American bachelor party.

1. An invite to a bachelor party in no way, shape or form implies an invitation to the wedding. Sometimes, an invitation to the wedding is not actually appreciated.

2. Gluttony shall be indulged in. Rich food, booze and the like will be used to excess.

3. A strip club will be visited. It's tradition, but not to worry. Actual sex is typically outside the budget of most partygoers. Why I Hated His Strip-Club Bachelor Party

4. The bachelor shall be embarrassed but looked after. If everyone has a humiliating story, fine. If a spanking from an exotic dancer is what the bloodthirsty Romans want, then they will be entertained. However, the bachelor will be protected from injurious, legal and moral hazards. Generally, some of the big man's sundries will be covered by the crew.

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