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Feet peek out from under bed covers
Do Rex and Michelle Ryan have foot fetishes? Here's what you should know about fetishism

It was revealed recently in a Deadspin article that New York Jets' Coach Rex Ryan and his wife may produce foot fetish videos and, taking it a step further (ahem), post them online for all to see.

A petite blonde woman who looks eerily similar to Michelle Ryan has posted multple foot fetish videos on YouTube under the name "ihaveprettyfeet." These videos became quite popular, and it was only a matter of time before someone pointed out the resemblance between Michelle and this online foot fetish star. As turns out, they share a lot of traits in common.


These two ladies have nearly identical heights. In a profile for "ihaveprettyfeet" found on a couples' swingers site, the listed birthdays of the pair match up with Rex and Michelle. The location of that couple is Ellicott City, Maryland, which is the place Rex and Michelle lived with their children while he was an assistant coach for the Ravens. And in one of the videos, a male voice is heard that sounds very much like Rex.

Could Michelle (and/or Rex) have a foot fetish? It looks possible, so maybe or maybe not. But if they do, they're not the only two people on the planet to have an affinity for feet. Celebrity Fetishes You Want To Know

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