Tie? iPad? No Thanks. 20 Unique, Affordable Gifts He'll Love

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You don't have to spend hundreds to get a gift he'll love. Here are 20 original, affordable ideas.

He has a million ties. And while you'd love to get him an iPad, you can't cough up that kind of cash. Here, some less-expected gifts  (for Christmas, Hanukkah or anytime) that will wow him—for budgets big and small.

1. Kinect for Xbox is the gift for gamers this year. And before you go groaning about getting him another video game, consider this: You may like this one, too. Think of it as the Wii for Xbox. Kinect is full-body gaming, with special technology that reacts to a player's body and mirrors it onscreen (no buttons required). Plus it has voice capability, meaning that it really is possible to control the TV by talking to it. Xbox live has access to all his favorite sports on ESPN, and all your favorite movies and music through Zune and Last.fm. Just remember: It's his gift, not yours. (kinect-xbox.net, $149.99)

2. Tunebug Shake. This crazy gadget connects to your man's phone or MP3 player to create a surround sound experience, sans headphones. It's touch-sensitive and mounts to most types of helmets, meaning that if he's biking or snowboarding, he can still have his tunes without dangerously cutting himself off from the world via headphones. And it can hook up to his devices via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for any wires at all. Note: If your guy does not participate in activities that require helmets but still loves his music, the Tunebug Vibe is a similar device that works on flat surfaces, so he can take his music wherever he goes. (tunebug.com, Shake $99.99, Vibe $69.99)

3. Cooper Cooler Beer Chiller. He's dying for a cool beer and there are none in the fridge. Not to worry if you've gifted him the Cooper Cooler Beer Chiller. All it takes is a little water, ice and electricity and his bottle of beer will go from room temp to ice cold in just six minutes, less for a can. Need to chill wine in a hurry? It'll take three and a half minutes to get a bottle to the low 50s. Crisis averted. (bedbathandbeyond.com, $59.99)

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