10 Dating Deal Breakers That Really Aren't

10 Dating Deal Breakers That Really Aren't

10 Dating Deal Breakers That Really Aren't

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Is your dating deal breaker radar discounting guys who could be The One?

There's been a lot of talk lately about settling for Mr. Good Enough, due to Lori Gottlieb's newest book, Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough. Despite the book's provocative subtitle, however, Gottlieb's latest opus isn't really about settling. Rather, it's a case for maintaining an open mind when considering new men, instead of nitpicking over inconsequential surface details. Because, sometimes, the man we overlooked may be the only one who can make us happy. She has a point. Which is why we put together a list of the 10 deal breakers that ... well ... shouldn't really be considered deal breakers. How To Fall In Love With Mr. Good Enough

1. He's considerably older or younger. A lot of people pass judgment when they see a May-December couple, muttering things about gold digging and cougars and dirty old men. And, in some cases, they're right. It can be difficult to have a partnership of equals when both halves of a couple are at different places in their lives. Still, if the relationship works, you can overcome an age difference. Just make sure you've thought about the pros and cons of the gap. 

2. He's balding. Shame on you! While it's important to be attracted to the one you're with (without physical chemistry good sex is pretty tough), it doesn't make sense to arbitrarily rule out an entire segment of the population just because they sport a soul patch, or have a few extra pounds, or are balding. Have you seen how sexy Taye Diggs looks without hair?


3. He's lives far away from you. Long-distance relationships (LDRs) can be rough. They can be lonely. They can be expensive. They can be frustrating on both emotional and sexual levels. But they can also be worth it. Several YourTango staffers have rocked the LDR, proving that—despite the agita—it can be done. How To Manage A Long-Distance Relationship

4. He doesn't have a college degree. A lack of formal education does not necessarily mean he lacks ambition, smarts or chances for career success. Think real estate broker. Plumber. Ultrasound technologist. Lobster fisherman. All of these jobs require a hard work, a good brain and can net big bucks, yet none of them require higher education. If he spends his days on the couch, wearing nothing but his tightie-whities and expects you to foot all the bills, however, we'll forgive you for dropping that dead weight.

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