Win Over His Friends In 7 Moves


meeting his friends
Meeting his friends for the first time? Here's how to make them like you.

Over the weekend, I hit up a going-away party for a close friend. Going-away parties really let you know who your buddies are and, though it's of the bittersweet variety, are tons of fun. They are not, however, a traditionally great time to introduce a new squeeze (even if it does offer a certain effective symmetry). But a pair of new friends (a guy and a gal) were brought to the show nonetheless, and both got solid Bs (yep, we judged them). This is what you can do to ace your own meet-the-friends test:

1. Show up. A real smart guy once said that 90% of cheerleading camp is getting there with your pom-poms. That guy was a real Alfred Einstein, because actually caring enough to clear schedule space is a biggie. 


2. Find common ground. The battle to win these bozos over begins with a single mutual interest. Don't overdo it, though. I got sucked into a running conversation about early '80s punk rock just because I really like Social Distortion on Saturday. 

3. Know one thing about a few people. No one is ever going to call you on the phrase "BLANK has told me so much about you…" But, just in case, following that line up with a question about something that person is into is a great tactic. It appears people really do like talking about themselves.

4. Say a person's name. If Ryan Gosling in Lars And The Real Girl taught us anything, it's that a person's most favorite sound is their own name. Use someone's name liberally, and they will think you're a real Sammi Sweetheart (though less of a wet blanket). Read: 5 Tricks To Remembering His Name

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