How Yoga May Be The Answer To Better Sex


yoga better sex
We always thought the downward facing dog looked and sounded a bit erotic...

Although we scoff when perfectly taut starlets claim "it's from yoga!" we'll certainly dust off our stretchy pants and mats if the downward facing dog may help us reach orgasm more frequently.

A recent study claims women who practice yoga and some of the eastern-based thinking techniques of mindfulness report more satisfying sex lives. While the article doesn't mention exactly why, it touches on the fact yoga is, after all, derived from many of the positions in the Kama Sutra and is meant to increase flexibility. 


The second tier of the study, mindfulness, actually makes perfect sense for helping women orgasm. Mindfulness, training one's self to be absorbed in the present moment, is certainly a female downfall when it comes to getting it on. During sex, us cerebral gals are often a fuzzy, jumbled blur of emotions, self consciousness, and (oh yeah) the desire to get off. Hell, the sex is over before we've made it to number three on the short list. 

As an added bonus, the article also mentions yoga may cure men of premature ejaculation. (!!!!!!) In India, 68 men who come way too quickly on a regular basis, were either given the choice of prozac or a daily hour-long yoga session. In the end, the study states the yoga-happy men "had both subjective and statistically significant improvements in their intra-ejaculatory latencies, similar to participants in the pharmacologic treatment group."

So if yoga can help cure premature ejaculation and finnicky orgasms who cares about washboard abs! What's a runner's body when you can go to sleep just as satisfied as the grinning bedmate next to you.