Why He Lost Interest After The First Date


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A man can have perfectly valid reasons for not asking you out for a second date.

Guys can be fickle, or, as the French say, "huge jerks who don't call women back." Sometimes, though, we've got a pretty valid excuse for not picking up the phone. After the jump, why men might not call you back for that second date. The Frisky: Dater X: The Curse Of The Second Date

1. We're shy/intimidated. Some guys just get intimidated, or we're too shy to ask for a second date. Make sure you get his number, and call the dude up to scope things out. You'll know if he's intimidated in the first 10 seconds of the call when he either claims the phone is on fire and hangs up or he nervously vomits into the receiver. 


2. You didn't offer to pay. Most men have no problem paying for their dates. We're gentlemen at heart, or at least we like to think so. Still, we like it when our dates at least offer to cover their share. If our date seems to be taking advantage of a free dinner, that second date isn't going to happen. The Frisky: Are Fancy Or Casual Restaurants Better For Dates?

3. There's no physical attraction. This one isn't that likely, since he probably asked you out on the first date. If it was a blind date or if you changed some key part of your appearance (you dyed your hair Pink and lost/gained 150 pounds) before the date, it can certainly throw things off. The Frisky: Girl Talk: Is A Lack of Physical Attraction Really A Cover-Up For Other Relationship Issues?

4. Talking too much about yourself. Don't confuse confidence with vanity—if you're going on and on about yourself, we're not coming back for seconds. Be sure to keep the conversation two-sided, and keep some mystery alive by not jamming your biography into an hour-long dinner.

5. Talking about ex-boyfriends. Don't bring up your ex on a first date, especially to tell us how you're still excellent friends. We hear, "I'm still into this dude, but yeah, you're, uh, pretty OK." The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating

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