Dating A Foot Fetishist: How To Love The Man Who Loves Your Feet


Foot Fetish
Tips for telling if you're dating a foot fetishist and how you should handle it.

I guess I'm what you'd call a foot fetishist, although this designation is more complex than you probably think. Most foot fetishists are not perverts, sexual deviants, or anything to be afraid of.

From what I've seen, public mentions of the phrase "foot fetish" are generally followed by giggles and a short discussion of some guy on the news who got arrested for hiding under strange women's cars so he could get a brief lick of their feet while they loaded groceries into the trunk. (That's the media for you.) And apparently there really are guys who subscribe to websites like Footsie Babes and attend local "foot parties." But, like any other sexual passion, there are many levels of enthusiasm, and those guys are the extreme.

Most of us foot-lovers enjoy regular sexual practices just as much as any other guy, and we do care about the rest of your body. However, the enthusiasm for you below the ankle is still there, and because of the social implications of having a "foot fetish," many guys don't tell the women in their lives. It's shame, really, since talking about preferences and revealing things we feel embarrassed about can make couples closer.

While even the infinite depths of Google can't produce a remotely legitimate statistic on the frequency of foot obsession, the general consensus is that it's the first or second most common "fetish." I can say from experience that you're more likely to date a guy who has some interest in your feet than you might think, so here are a few tips for telling if you're dating a foot-fan and how you should handle it. Microphilia & Other Weird Fetishes

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