5 Can't-Lose Dating Tips


dating tips
How to make a smoldering impression and make the dating game work for you.

Landing Mr. Right isn't easy… even for an intelligent and successful woman. Weeding through the players, the losers and the psychos can be hopelessly frustrating, and when you finally find a man with potential, you'll usually find fifty other hopeful bachelorettes competing for his attention.

If you want to win at the game of love, you'll need to quickly stand out from the rest of the pack and captivate your quarry from the start. To make sure this happens, I've put together a list of five proven strategies to help you make a smoldering impression and blow away the competition.


Strategy #1: It's all in the eyes

In her book, How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You, author Leil Lowndes claims that the act of staring into someone's eyes can cause their nervous system to release a chemical called phenylethylamine (or PEA for short) which our bodies secrete when we fall in love. Studies show that gazing into your date's eyes for about two minutes is all it takes to produce passionate feelings for you, so take advantage of this little secret to flood his bod with the love drug. 10 Quick Ways To Size Him Up

Strategy #2: Let them know they have a shot

Studies show that finding out that someone we like, likes us back, actually intensifies our romantic feelings towards them. Yes, we actually become more attracted to people who are attracted to us. The hope (that a relationship may develop) allows our feelings to become stronger so be sure to let your date know that you're attainable. 4 Sneaky Ways To Put The Moves On A Guy

Now most of the time, it can be awkward (and detrimental) to tell your date, flat out, that he makes Mr. Big look like Mr. Bean, so show your interest non-verbally, instead (using compliments, frequent touching, attention, laughter, etc.). Now, since some guys won't always catch your hints, it's a good idea to throw out some direct compliments, as well. Two great phrases to use are:

  • "I have so much fun when we hang out."
  • "I feel really comfortable opening up to you."

Strategy #3: Be sure to qualify

One of the best ways to let someone know that you like them is by letting them know exactly WHY you like them. Try saying, "I love how you always open doors for me and walk on the outside of the curb. Some women may not appreciate it, but that kind of attention makes me feel really special," or "I think it's great that you spend so much time with your family. You obviously know how to make time for the important things."

The act of qualifying not only shows that you have standards but it also makes your date feel that he has earned your attraction/affection. If he likes you, he'll be enjoying the process of winning you over so these thoughtful compliments will encourage him to keep on wowing you. Essential (Obvious) Flirting Tips

Strategy #4: Observe the Law of Association

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