Rebound Relationships: A Man's Approach


rebound relationships
Go inside the boys' club: read advice written for guys and learn how men approach rebound dating.

Women are the traditional consumers of self-help books, but guys need advice too. And what better way to find out what goes on inside his head than to read advice written by and for men? (Some might say you could ask him, but where's the fun in that?)

In this spirit we bring you this piece by men's lifestyle expert, Oliver "Ali" Nejad, who fills you in on how men approach rebound relationships.



Rebound! No, I'm not referring to the inflated number on Ben Wallace's stat line, but rather that tricky follow up relationship to the one you recently ended. Rebounds can be great, and they can also be awful; it all depends on how you go about them. So as usual, I'm here to shepherd you safely through the dawn of a new day with the following personally tested tips...

1. No sob stories! It never ceases to amaze me how despite most men's innate better judgment, they always think that discussing their ex with the rebound girl will somehow be a good idea. I'm not saying it's impossible, but if you're from this school of thought you probably also spend at least $365 a year on Lotto tickets. Sure, she'll really get to know you-and know she wants little do with you at the same time. Would you want to sit down and listen to some girl on the rebound go on and on about her ex boyfriend? No! It didn't work for Mikey from Swingers (Jon Favreau) in the trailer scene and it won't work for you-so avoid discussing your past relationship! Failure to exercise self-restraint in this regard could leave you feeling bad about not one, but two failed flings. Answer: How to get over this ugly break up?