10 Oral Sex Tips From A Man


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Fellatio field guide author offers simple tricks for maximum pleasure.

Oral sex: brilliant, isn't it? It's ridiculously intimate, severely sensual, and you don't necessarily have to take all your clothes off to do it. Whether it's part of foreplay or an act in itself, being a skilled fellatrix ramps up your bedroom (or back seat of car) technique considerably. 

But trust me, there's more to fellatio than, as we Brits so tastefully put it, getting your gob round his nob or your gums round his plums. The best oral sex exponents use their mouths, their tongues, their fingers, their eyes, their voice and—most importantly—their brain (but not their teeth, unless it's been asked for). I'm assuming that you already know Rule No.1 about blow jobs—you don't blow—so here are the basic ground rules from a male point of view…

1. If you're not in the mood, don't bother.

Back in the day, fellatio was generally seen as something only depraved men would want, and only even more depraved women would offer. Thankfully, this has changed to the point where a bit of a nosh almost comes as standard. But take it from me; there is nothing more unappealing than a workmanlike blow job from someone who sees it as contractual obligation. Not sexy at all, ladies… Oral Sex: Love It or Hate It?

2. Your mouth can do a million things your vagina can't.

So make use of it. There's far more to fellatio than sucking, and seeing as his genitals are in your mouth, you are the one who is completely dictating the terms. Enthusiastic head-bobbing one minute, followed by slithering your tongue down his shaft, followed by smoochy kisses around the head…it's all good.

3. Deep-throating isn't everything.

Being able to shove a foot-long hot dog into your mouth at a baseball game might get you on the Jumbotron for a few seconds, but if that's the sum total of your oral technique, you need to expand your repertoire. It gets pretty boring after a couple of minutes—and to be honest, we start worrying about your gag reflex kicking in and your jaws snapping shut.

4. Oral familiarity breeds genital disinterest.

In other words, mix up your technique. There's nothing worse than being with someone who does the same things for the same amount of time in the same order. Surprise us! Number One Sex Tip For Women

5. Get to know his penis… 

…because it's more than a bit of meat, y'know. Yes, there's loads of nerve endings round the tip, but quite a few elsewhere. We'd like those stimulated too, please. And please don't forget the balls—gently rubbing them or cupping them in your hand and feeling the weight of them increases the sensations tenfold.

6. …and get to know the rest of his body, too.

We've got more than one erogenous zone, and you can earn yourself a rest period and bonus points my fiddling with them. Putting you hands on our rear ends and pulling you into us is an incredible turn-on. So is brushing your cheek against our inner thigh, or tracing a line from our bellybutton downwards with your tongue.

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