So, you and your co-worker in the cubicle next to you have been making some serious eye contact as of late and it seems like she might be as interested as you are. Even though dating in the office can get pretty messy, that doesn't mean that you should shut yourself away from the possibility of finding love—After all, what could be better than dating someone who you already spend a lot of time with? But there are some simple dating rules to follow when you’re interesting in starting a relationship with a coworker; there are ways to get around this touchy subject.

First of all, the key to starting a relationship with a coworker is to be as organic as possible. Don't do the cliché thing and tell him or her how you really feel at an office party. Honestly, that is pretty much the recipe for an awkward night! Plus, confessing your feelings at an office party is way too conventional so let's just leave that for the movies. Why not try starting the relationship outside of the workplace by going to lunch or having drinks? Not only will it give you guys a chance to get some privacy, it'll make things feel a little less business casual. The most important thing to remember is to be respectful and honest about how you feel. You can't go wrong from there!

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