Diminutive Men Like... Amazon Women?

Diminutive Men Like... Amazon Women?


Some men have a fetish for a larger than life lady, and enjoy a little Amazon woman manhandling.

For every woman who hesitates before slipping on 5-inch heels: "What if I'm taller than most men?" take heed that in some circles you wouldn't be big enough. For some guys—who are many times diminutive in stature themselves—if a lady is under six-feet and weighs less than 220 pounds, he's completely uninterested.

Refreshing, right?

South Florida-based Amazon woman Mikayla Miles, a six-foot-four inch, 220-pound, steely body-builder type, capitalizes on her physique by charging men $500 an hour for some Amazon woman rough play. But don't confuse her pricey sessions with prostitutionMiles never sleeps with her clients and doesn't allow erotic touching or ejaculation. Instead she makes a six-figure salary doing the exact opposite of most hookersmaking men feel small and powerless. Always at the client's request, she'll do very physical activities. She'll bench press men or bring along another Amazon woman and toss someone around like a football. Sometimes their fetish involves being wrestled or tackled, or stomped out "like a cigarette." She tries to never hurt them, but once accidently broke a man's rib cage. The requests can also be more tender. As an Amazon for hire she's been asked to cradle men like babies, and more times than not they'll spend time chatting as if in a therapy session, discussing "mommy" and "intimacy" issues. In fact, her client's fetish with Amazon women is often rooted in the thought that women are better than men, which they complain has hindered their relationships (ed. note: Don't know why! Sounds about right to us!).

So does she have any words of wisdom for budding fetish women? How does one, who maybe isn't of Amazon woman proportions, cultivate such a following?

"Take the thing you hated most about yourself when you were younger, and that's your fetish persona," Miles says.

Uh. OK. Any takers for awkward, acne-prone chicks who are bad at math?




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