Why Powerful Men Cheat

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david petraeus
Why do powerful figures, like David Petraeus, have extramarital affairs and risk everything?

Updated 11/12/2012

We've been around the block. We've seen enough powerful figures drop trou at this point (John Edwards, anyone) that it should come as no surprise that a man as highly regarded as former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus would find himself smack in the middle of a cheating scandal — one that the media is more than delighted to sieze upon. Time and again, we see prominent figures with upstanding reputations, adorable kids, and devoted spouses stray despite all the inevitable consequences of getting caught. The thing we've yet to uncover, though, is why they risk everything in the first place. Tiger Woods Admits He "Let Family Down"


We get the human nature thing. A USA Today/Gallup poll of 1,025 people conducted in March of 2008 — right after the infamous Eliot Spitzer scandal broke — found that 54 percent of Americans know someone with an unfaithful spouse. We're no math whizzes, but it stands to reason that those numbers indicate that half of all relationships in the U.S. are affected by infidelity — and people talk about it. But with so much at stake and so many unions collapsing before them, how can men in the public eye cheat on their wives and honestly expect to get away with it? Read Diary Of A 23-Year-Old Mistress

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