How to Pleasure Yourself: Self Pleasure Tips for Beginners


Masturbation 101
Tips and advice to make sex with your favorite person even better: a how-to masturbation guide.

It doesn't matter that masturbation is the safest and possibly most satisfying sex you can have, when it comes to a ménage a moi, lots of ladies (and men) are still in the closet.  For starters, let's applaud the fact that we're not living in the Victorian era, when women were restricted from riding bicycles and horses, and some from sewing and squatting, lest they get too excited. And we don't have to visit the doctor's offices anymore just so they can use a large vibratory apparatus to calm us from "hysteria." We can also eat graham crackers and corn flakes without the knowledge that both foods were once made to stop people from having sexy time with themselves. No longer do most of us believe that masturbating will cause us to go blind, lose a limb or even lose our lives. But lots of us still see masturbation as second-tier sex, or the sex you have when you can't get the sex you want, when the truth is, if you don't know your body, how can you expect anyone else to know your body?

In the 1994 book Sex in America, the question of who puts their own hands down their own pants, was, hands down, an act that less than 50% of women admitted to doing. Today, between 45 and 80% of women have at least tried masturbation, a larger number indeed, but still, not enough of us are decorating our own closets, even if we’re hiding in them. Bringing Sexy Back: 5 Ways To Increase Female Libido In Marriage

That means it's time to rub the 'shun' out of masturbation. It's time to shout from the rooftops that we masturbate and we love it! We love it, or should love it, because masturbation, and orgasms, can help relieve menstrual cramps and migraines, improve your skin tone, help you fall asleep faster, increase your desire for more orgasms, and can even make you multi-orgasmic. The 91-year-old actor Ernest Borgnine praised masturbating "a lot" as the key to staying young, and 78-year-old masturbation maven Betty Dodson is still as saucy and sexy as ever thanks, in part, to her Hitachi Magic Wand.  Even Britney Spears and Madonna haven't shied away from talking—and simulating—masturbation, so let's lower a hand (or a sex toy) and join the wank-off wagon! 

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