The 10 Best Places To Elope

The 10 Best Places To Elope

The 10 Best Places To Elope

Alternatives to a Vegas drive-thru.

1. Napa Valley, Calif. - Amazing scenery, beautiful weather, and vineyards around every corner make this a perfect location for an intimate ceremony for two. Bring back a case of wine (or champagne) to celebrate with your loved ones at home. For further information, check out

2. Niagara Falls, N.Y. - Why save this romantic spot for the honeymoon? You can get married standing next to the falls, in a helicopter over them, or in a tethered balloon as it floats 400 feet above the roaring waters. Find a white raincoat and some cute rubber boots - it's going to be a wet ride. Get more information here.

3. Manitou Springs, CO - Get away from it all at the Blue Skies Inn, which conveniently offers an elopement package. Enjoy a gorgeous view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from your suite as you curl up with your new husband. Go to for more details.

4. San Francisco - "I left my heart in San Francisco," sings Tony Bennett. And so can you. The Bay Area has a variety of wonderful locations to choose from: ocean side, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay view, gardens and parks. Check out for elopement packages.

5. New Orleans - The home to Mardi Gras really is the Big Easy when it comes to matrimony - Louisiana allows out-of-state residents to get married without a waiting period. Grab your bouquet (and some beads) and head for the French Quarter or Audubon Park.

6. Ashford, Wash. - Go and get hitched in one of Washington State's oldest inns - Alexander Country Inn ( Just one mile from Mount Rainer National Park, this bed and breakfast offers a variety of elopement packages. In the parlor or out by the waterfalls; just the two of you or, with a few friends - the choice is yours.

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