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I am a divorce recovery coach specializing in women's empowerment and self-esteem.  Regardless of the relationship circumstances you find yourself in, I can help!  I can help save your relationship - if that's what you want, I can help you leave it with assurance - if that's what you need, and I can help you move forward feeling excited about your future and the possibilities for having an amazing life.

I've been there myself and so I know what it takes to create hope for your future, confidence in your decisions, and relief from any emotional pain you may be experiencing.  In our work together, you will feel heard and understood.  You will learn how to trust yourself again as you reinvent your life from the inside out.  

I’m here for you!  If you're feeling overwhelmed and confused by your difficult emotions, shame or guilt over what's happened, or terrified of what's ahead of you - we will work together to determine your unique healing pathway.  I’ll teach you necessary skills and share tools and resources to help you have a better quality relationship with everyone!  You will not only get through this, but you will thrive beyond it!

You can be happy and healthy and joyful for all you’ve been through because you’ve allowed it to grow and evolve you into a better you. That's what we're going for.  You can't always control the circumstances you find yourself in, but with the right support you will be able to consciously choose how you want to respond to what is happening so you can show up as the person you know yourself to be - in your highest expression.

If you’re curious how I can help, then click here to schedule a 20-minute complementary session with me, and we’ll get you on the right track.

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