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The 21st Century dating landscape features female CEO’s and stay at home dads. How does today’s single navigate this brave new world? Enter Christian Anderson, a dating and relationship strategist who simplifies the dating landscape by providing his clients the tools to do this. Christian has studied and worked with some of the nation’s top relationship experts. He combines this experience with several years of working in the night club industry. Over the past decade, he has studied the art of attraction and dating, and saw what worked to attract a healthy relationship and what worked to attract a casual relationship. During this time, he also personally made a shift from a man looking for casual dating to one ready and prepared for a significant relationship. The combination of his own journey coupled with his own research, he has developed a system that has helped numerous women attract a healthy and relationship ready man into their lives. Christian brings a charm and honesty to his work which helps women understand the masculine psyche and make effective dating decisions to attract the love of their life. Being raised by strong, smart, and successful women, gave Christian a tremendous respect for women as well as a desire to guide them to success in their romantic pursuits. Throughout his own dating life, he has gained awareness of the mistakes that some women unwittingly make that can deter that potential partner from entering their lives. Conversely, he knows behaviors women can easily employ that draws a good man closer and closer. In a time when the traditional roles for men and women have been turned upside down, he has created an effective philosophy which clarifies and simplifies the courting process. His method is based on a four pillar system of Self Care, Attracting, Dating, and Committing. Most importantly, he works with clients to ensure that they are in a loving relationship with themselves before beginning the dating process: “Without a healthy vision of yourself, how can you attract a healthy partner?” From that point on he guides them in optimizing and embracing their unique Attraction Factor, establishing a confident and conscientious dating skill set. Finally, he helps pave the way to a healthy committed relationship. He does this by developing the magical 3 C’s: chemistry, communication, and compatibility. Christian is a frequent guest on radio shows, web series, and TV shows. Learn more at his coaching program’s website:

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