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Founder of Aiki Healing: An Integrative Practice of Chinese Medicine I believe in a synthesis approach to healing and health. What does that mean exactly? It means that I love to weave a variety of energy healing modalities together to create a truly integrative  body, mind and soul healing experience that resolves root issues, not just addresses symptoms.   As an advanced medical qi gong practitioner, I look at growth through the lens of qi gong in terms of energetic and spiritual transformation. I offer my individual clients and corporate clients a rich three pronged system of healing including: Energtetic Life Coaching--examining and addressing the energetic roots of issues that may be impacting your relationships and life. Clinical and spa-based energy bodywork sessions to open client's energy bodies so they get the most ouf life coaching and movement tools. Private instruction and group workshops focusing on how to use qi gong movement and mediation as  emotional and spiritual processing tools to increase growth, productivity and positive relationships. I began my early career as an educator (certified K-12 in special education), obtaining my B.S. in Applied Learning and Development from the University of Texas at Austin. After working with children who had disabilities and emotional challenges, I was drawn to study Chinese medicine at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, and Longevity Center (Clinic and Institute) in San Jose. On this journey, I was blessed to be mentored by  Dr. Arnold Tayam, head instructor of qi gong for integrative medicine programs at Stanford and professor of Five Branches Acupuncture college. What a world of wonder unfolded as I learned how ancient energy techniques from the field of Chinese medicine could effectively help all people overcome chronic health challenges and resolve emotional and spiritual blocks. Training at the California Institute of Integral Studies in their integral counseling program helped me to refine my empathic listening skills and develop a deeper understanding of the energetics underlying relationships and individual growth processes. Self Development When not working on Aiki Healing projects, I enjoy growing in new ways with advanced studies in qi gong with Dr. Tayam and Wu style tai chi with Dr. Jingyu Gu, Taoist scholar  and licensed acupuncturist. I also enjoy working with animals, hiking, creating art tapestries (third generation Japanese tapestry artist), and conducting outreach in my local community and on a global level. I served as the webmaster for the Ann Foundation for 8 years and currently serve as a board member who empahsizes using technology to develop and implement stress management and wellness modules for people who live with disabilities. Find more advice on spiritual healing here.

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