For all the people that doubt that the G-spot exists, get ready for your mind to be blown! The greatest thing about being in tune with your body's needs is the amount of ridiculously hot sex positions there are to try. If you are not as satisfied with one, you can just try another. The possibilities to be intimate with your significant other are endless. When it comes to figuring out what the best position is for you, it's important to recognize where you want to be in terms of control. Sometimes letting the man do all the work can make your orgasm even more pleasurable. Sometimes it is better for you to take control if you’re not getting what you need. It all depends on what you and your partner feel comfortable with.

Dr. Lori Buckley of the Sinclair Institute mentions that most women actually find it easiest to orgasm when they are on top, noting "Being on top puts you in complete control." This probably revolves around feeling more confident or in control. So fellas, paying attention to her cues when it comes to sexual pleasure can be beneficial to the both of you in the long run. Now are you ready to have the best sex of your life?

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