5 Benefits Of A Romantic Getaway

5 Benefits Of A Romantic Getaway

5 Benefits Of A Romantic Getaway

5 Benefits Of A Romantic Getaway [EXPERT]
You'll be surprised by how much a vacation can recharge your relationship!

I spent the weekend with my brother and sister-in-law and was amazed at how busy they were. Between work, chores, errands and telephone calls from their grown children, they didn't have any together time until they went to bed.

Does that sound like your typical weekend? If your mantra is "there are never enough hours in the day," then you probably don't have much time to relax, and even less time to pamper yourself.

So many couples are inundated with information overload and way too much "activity insanity," trying to keep up with their own schedule and their children's schedules. Have you considered the toll this is taking on your relationship with your significant other? The lack of together time can do major damage to the foundation the two of you have invested in building your relationship.


I know you're busy these days, and as responsibilities pile up on your calendar, it can be hard to pay attention to the smaller things that make life enjoyable, but let's be real. If you don't make the time, you will find romance slipping away and before you know it, your relationship will be as cold as a bag of frozen peas. 

If your relationship is in a rut and you need to reignite the spark of romance, then a romantic getaway is just what the doctor ordered — the love doctor, that is. Few things can give your marriage a shot of adrenaline better than a romantic vacation. Here are five reasons why a romantic getaway would be beneficial to your relationship:

1. It allows for reconnection. Quality time together is essential for keeping romance alive in a relationship. A romantic getaway slows you both down and allows you to step out of the daily rat race. You can then move at the same tempo. You have time to talk and share what's important to each of you.

Conversation is at a whole new level of intimacy when you're holding hands while strolling along a moonlit beach or sharing a glass of wine at the swim-up bar.

2. It lets you two be romantic. Sharing a few days together creating lasting memories is money well spent. The gifts of time, love and care are some of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your significant other.

3. It can pull at your heartstrings. There are many things that you can do to make your love life better. A romantic getaway, however, is the best way to break into your mate's heart and lower their inhibitions. Your sweetie is more relaxed away from home without the pressure of daily responsibilities. Top 10 Tips For Building Loving Relationships

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