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YourTango Experts Presents ... Online Dating Bootcamp!

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YourTango Experts Presents ... Online Dating Bootcamp! [EXPERT]
Are you ready to meet your match?
Your 14-day guide to online dating, featuring expert advice, videos, photo galleries and much more!

Welcome to YourTango Experts' Online Dating Bootcamp: Day 1! This 14-day program is designed to hold your hand through every step of the often-mystifying process of online dating.

Have you tried online dating before but felt overwhelmed or disheartened by your experience? Are you newly single and finding it inscreasingly difficult to meet potential paramours through friends or at work? Would you try online dating if it weren't for all the negative stigma associated with it? If your answer is 'yes' to any of these questions — rest assured — you've come to the right place. Why Your Online Dating Profile Doesn't Work

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Over the next 14 days, YourTango Experts will discuss the obstacles that are part and parcel of finding love online and making it last. By the end of these two weeks, you will feel more confident, more motivated and better prepared than ever before to take the plunge into online dating and find the relationship that you deserve. Here's a sneak preview of what we have in store:

Day 2: Is Online Dating Really Worthwhile? featuring an interview with YourTango Expert Joe Amoia.

Day 3: Which Online Dating Site Is Right For You? featuring a photo gallery with pros and cons of several dating sites from YourTango Experts Laurie Davis, Rick Clemons and Larry Cappel.

Day 4: Top 10 Tips For Designing Your Online Dating Profile, featuring advice from YourTango Experts Julianne Canatrella and Heidi Lee Munson.

Day 5: How To Spot Mr. Right's Online Dating Profile, featuring a video by YourTango Expert Kimberly Seltzer.

Day 6: 10 Dos & Don'ts Before Meeting Mr. Online In Person, featuring advice from YourTango Expert Janet Ong.

Day 7: 20 Rules For Your First Online Date, featuring advice from YourTango Experts Dina Colada and Jenn Burton.

Day 8: When Should I 'Friend' The Guy I Met Online? featuring a video by YourTango Expert Annie Gleason.

Day 9: Playing The Field: The Pros & Cons Of Dating Around, featuring advice from YourTango Experts Lyndsay Katauskas & Samantha Karlin.

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Day 10: 10 Signs Your Online Date Could Lead To Lasting Love, featuring advice from YourTango Expert Singles Warehouse.

More dating advice from YourTango Experts:

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