3 Powerful Parenting Secrets

3 Powerful Parenting Secrets

3 Powerful Parenting Secrets

Here are some top secret parenting tips to help make your life easier!

"I want a cookie! I want a cookie!" Whether we hear this statement from our own child or somebody else's, the screams can be heard echoing across the grocery store. Fast forward to teen years, and the shouting turns into, "I want clothes! I need a car!" What's a parent to do? How can we extinguish these battles and make our lives a little more peaceful?

Throw in a few modern day statistics and we can see how these top secret parenting tips are much needed. Today there are approximately 13 million single parent families. Almost one-third of custodial single mothers and their children live in poverty. The number of children being raised by grandparents or other extended family members is at an all-time high. 10 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Growing Up Too Fast

An Old Chinese Proverb states, "Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who tread on their toes." Clearly some form of structure is needed to keep the peace and limit the chaos. With these 3 powerful parenting secrets, you do not need to yell or scold, but you do need to be consistent and firm.


3 Powerful Parenting Secrets:

1.  Broken Record—The philosophy behind the "broken Record" technique is that we do not want to fuel the arguments and the battles with our children. This technique is extremely powerful as long as you stay consistent with it and remember to use it whenever possible. Broken record technique is best used when a child is begging, screaming or nagging. It can be used to extinguish almost any behavior that is not positive. Broken record can be beneficial with toddlers, children and/or teens.

How does it work? The parent responds to the negative behavior with a very simple and calm statement. As the child continues the negative behavior, the parent simply repeats the exact same statement in the same intonation. The parent must remain calm and consistent, almost like a broken record.

Prior to Broken Record:
Child: "I WANT CANDY!" (shouting)
Parent: "No, let's go."
Child: "But, I want candy!" (crying)
Parent: "Come on, no candy.  Put it down!" (increasingly more irritated!)
Parent: "We need to go home now. Ok, let's go!"
Child:  "BUT I WANT THIS CANDY!" (kicking the ground)
Parent: "Ok, ok, fine I'll get it." (very irritated at this point)

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