5 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Allure


5 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Allure
Feel Like a Sensual Love Empress Who Knows How to Captivate Men and Leave Them Hungry For More.

Do you feel like a sensual Love Empress who knows how to captivate men and leave them hungry for more of your heavenly attention?

Isn’t there something in Angelina Jolie’s eyes and smile that just screams, “I feel you looking at me, and Baby, your attention warms my heart and soul and turns me on in deliciously sexy ways.”


No? Maybe it’s just me.

But I don’t think many would argue that Angelina is a sensual Love Empress. She has a “certain smolder” and a way about her that is elegant, compassionate, soft and feminine, yet also electrically dangerous. All those qualities combined make for a recipe of love and lust in the hearts and groins of men everywhere.

Though she is gorgeous, there are many women more beautiful in my opinion. It’s all about the way she feels inside and how the energy those feelings create, RADIATES off her. This makes her beauty very special.

Even if you didn’t know about her accomplishments and humanitarian acts, you probably would still be drawn to her and would feel her Star Power. She is the most spellbinding woman I have seen in celebrity circles.

Here are 5 ways YOU can feel like a Love Empress and start spellbinding men everywhere:

1st Way to Enhance Your Feminine Allure: Indulge Your Senses

Part of having Feminine Allure is being a sensual woman. When you are sensitive to and easily ENJOY the beauty found in touch, sound, taste, sight, and smell, you effortless draw men in.

See, men are enchanted with sensual women. They make men feel comforted, curious about something foreign to them, and very aroused. (Sensuality is arousing because sex involves all your senses and your sensuality makes your man think of sex.)

In today’s society, we are bombarded with pollution to our senses. There is so much traffic, construction, and hustle-bustle energy around us, numbing us. We become out of touch with our bodies and feelings because we are over-stimulated by the modern world.

Ever go to the countryside and feel renewed afterward? Ever stop eating salt for a while and suddenly you can taste things more acutely?

Start being really good to your senses and find ways of enjoying the poetry in life:

  • Buy pretty, fragrant flowers at the local market to place by your bed.
  • Go to pricey beauty stores and smell luxurious perfume oils. (Maybe even buy a bottle and dab some behind your ear in the evenings.)
  • Make a sandwich with fresh, warm bread and quality meats from a gourmet deli.
  • Listen to the baroque music on free Internet radio while you email.

Treat your senses. It will make you automatically slow down and enjoy the moment. Your heart will smile and a smiling heart INVITES men to play and laugh with you.

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Ms. Kristina Marchant


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