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Does He Like Me?: Mixed Signals, Decoded
He seemed to like me yesterday...what's going on today?
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Mixed Signals, Decoded

Are you not sure where you stand with your new partner? Mixed signals can be hard to handle. Find out how to interpret them and what to do when they've been sent your way!

couple kissing by bike.
Be the best he's ever had.

Kiss And Tell: How Can I Be The Best Sex He's Ever Had?

Dying to know if your partner is satisfied with your sex life? Are you constantly wondering if there's anything you can do to heighten the pleasure? We're going to let you in on the secret to finding out if you're good in bed: You're going to have to open your mouth...and just ask!

Love Advice: Let Your Partner Know How You Feel Loved
How do you show him you love him?
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5 Steps To Making Sure Your Partner Knows How To Love You

Everyone loves to feel loved. But you may not know what your partner needs to feel loved. Couples must be open with each other about their needs in the relationship, whether they be sexual or otherwise. Letting them know how to love you and vise versa can give you a more fulfilling relationship. Read on to learn the five steps to getting there!

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Spice up your love life.

Watch The Sparks Fly: How To Keep The Sexual Chemistry Alive

Wanting to spice up the sexual energy in your relationship is nothing to be embarrassed about; in fact, the need to find ways to get closer to your partner is completely natural. But is there a way to keep the chemistry alive from the beginning without having to struggle to reignite the flame?

couple with grapes.
Understanding each other can spice up your relationship in more than one way.

Do Men And Women Really Think Differently About Sex?

Sure, men and women have different sexual parts but how different are they really when it comes to sex? Our Experts discuss libido, orgasms and just how the male and female brains really differ when it comes to sexuality.

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Can watching porn really hurt your love life?

Can Watching Porn Actually Save Your Relationship?

We've all heard about porn wrecking relationships but can it ever help them? From the secrecy that comes from the fear of being shamed to porn addiction, is it really possible that watching porn could actually lead to a healthy sex life?

Sex: How To Have A Hotter Sex Life
A better sex life is possible, you just need to find out what's wrong.
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Are You Comfortable? 3 Reasons You May Not Be Enjoying Sex

Couples who have been together a while sometimes lose the passion they had when they first got together. Expert Gal Szekely explains the most common problems couples have in the bedroom (hint: they aren't just physical) and gives tips on what you can do about them.

Relationships: Five Things Men Need To Be Authentic About
Sexual insecurities and secrets can kill your relationships. Try honesty instead.
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Fess Up! The 5 Things Men Need To Be Honest About

Are the skeletons in your closet ruining your relationship? Relationship Coach Ange Fonce lays out the five main secrets men have that they really need to come clean about to have a healthy, functioning relationship.

This is too weird, even for us.
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It's Science! 1 In 5 People Would Have Sex With A Robot

Robots are certainly similar to humans in many ways but the majority of people would argue that they cannot actually replace humans in most aspects of our lives. However, it seems that 20% of people polled agree that robots can indeed replace humans in the bedroom.

Sorry ladies, it might be your fault.
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Loveumentary #33: Laura Doyle Wants To Improve Your Intimacy

Welcome to The Loveumentary on YourTango! Every Wednesday, YourTango will be hosting podcasts from the fabulous Loveumentary project, created by Nate Bagley. Today's podcast comes to us from Laura Doyle, a relationship expert who works exclusively with women to help them improve their relationships.

touching strangers
Tari, Shawn, and Summer.
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Touching Strangers: A New Kind Of Intimacy

Photographer Richard Renaldi took to the streets to create a breathtaking new project. Entitled Touching Strangers, the exhibit and accompanying book showcases the incredible portraits that arose when Renaldi convinced two or more complete strangers to pose together in gently (and sometimes highly) intimate poses.