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How To Survive Mother's Day If You Feel Post-Abortion Grief

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On Mother's Day, many women who have had abortions are reminded of "what might have been."

Mother's Day for women who have had a voluntary pregnancy termination, or abortion, can be just as unhappy as Valentine's Day for people in bad relationships. On a day that motherhood is embraced and celebrated, many women experience sadness over their choice and are reminded of "what might have been." And there's no escaping Mother's Day, as it's everywhere, from TV to the aisles of Walmart.

There is no safe place to share that this day is one of pain and loss for women who've made this choice. While there may be an overall feeling of relief, in the recesses of so many women's hearts, there's an intense sadness that penetrates the happy reality of the day. Women who've elected to terminate a pregnancy often don't feel that they have the permission to grieve over a loss that they themselves (for whatever reason) have chosen. Here are some things to do on Mother's Day if you are experiencing sadness, depression, or anger about it:

1. Know you are not alone! First of all, please know that many women are struggling with this. There is a misunderstanding in our culture about how many women have experienced voluntary pregnancy termination. Every day, millions of women sit in silence with the grief they're feeling over their decision. They don't need their decision validated, but they do need their grief acknowledged. Keep reading...

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