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Married couples
Couples in crisis
Women in complicated relationships
Dating couples
Couples considering divorce
Couples dealing with general stress

Married couples

I didn’t know my relationship could improve as much as it did!

“Honestly, I didn’t know my relationship could improve as much as it did until after our sessions with Stacey. I soon found out that I didn’t know what I didn’t know! After Stacey helped us see several critical blind spots,…

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Couples in crisis

From depression and anger to joy in my heart

“Every time I get off the phone with Stacey after one of our coaching calls, I am a better version of myself!!!  She has helped me “fill up my tank” so that I have the willingness and desire to make…

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Women in complicated relationships

I now know how to create the Love & Passion I desire!

“Recently, I had the pleasure of coaching with Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Coach. As a Coach myself, it is often difficult to see the “forest for the trees” (so to speak). When one is embroiled in personal issues, it…

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Dating couples

Big Breakthrough in just 23 minutes!!

“Just got off the phone with Stacey Martino..and all I can say is WOW!!

This woman blew the doors off my world and CHANGED my perspective in 23 minutes!! Big breakthrough… HUGE and I am so very grateful for her time…

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After just one session with Stacey, I already seen a change!

“Stacey, you truly are an amazing person! The hardest thing for me, and probably most women, is to open up to a total stranger to speak about my relationship.

But something about speaking with you is so different. The ease of…

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Couples considering divorce

We would not still be together if it wasn't for Stacey

“I cannot recommend Stacey highly enough! Before talking to her my relationship was in trouble; in fact my man and I were on the verge of splitting up. I was convinced that our relationship couldn’t work because…

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Couples dealing with general stress

Free from past triggers and able to be more open and vulnerable

“Anyone can listen to you and provide advice. It’s been my experience that few people really listen.  Fewer still have the skills to take the thread of what you’re saying and trace it back to where it’s tethered in your…

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Stacey Martino

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Couples/Marital Issues

Divorce/Divorce Prevention




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6-10 years

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All areas, please inquire

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Divorce Coach

Marriage Educator

Marriage/Couples Counselor


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Stacey Martino

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