3 Sexy Themes To Heat Up Date Night


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Make your relationship sizzle with one of these stay-at-home date night themes!

Stuck in a romantic rut? Sometimes, you just need to spice up your sex life with a theme! So here are three themed date nights taken from my book, Sexy and Sparkling. Choose one and get your sensual self in action!

"Casino Royale." This adventure is designed for those with little time. All you need is a little inspiration from James Bond to create a risqué rendezvous in your boudoir — "007" style. First, set the stage for your rendezvous. Spray-paint a toy gun gold and write an invitation saying, "Pssst … 007. Get ready to be shaken, not stirred. XOXO, Your Bond Girl." Roll up the invitation and hide it in the nose of the gun. Deliver this to his office or leave it on the seat of his car for him to find it. You can rent a few James Bond movies and decide which Bond bombshell you want to be — Vesper Lynd, Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead, Honey Ryder — and roleplay as her persona.

"Recipe for romance" essentials:

  • 1 pair glow-in-the-dark naughty dice
  • 1 candle of love
  • 1 red lipstick
  • 1 pair of martini glasses
  • A deck of cards

How to set the mood for romance:

  • Lighting: red lamplight or red candles
  • Music: "Gambler" by Madonna
  • Beverage: Vesper Martini (of course)
  • Appetizers: caviar, paté, mixed nuts and olives

Before your man retires for the night, sneak into the bathroom and scrawl an invitation in red lipstick across the mirror such as "007, your mission awaits ... meet me between the sheets for details." Meet him in a seductive bra-and-panty set, complete with garters, thigh-high stockings and stilettos. Take a deck of playing cards and strategically place a few aces in your lingerie. Keep reading ...

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