8 Sexy Steps To A Naughty Holiday Getaway


couple on the beach with santa hats
Greetings from our naughty getaway!
... because being "nice" is awfully overrated.

As adults, we know that the naughtier we are, the more gifts we receive! So, why not be extra naughty this holiday season with someone you enjoy being naughty with?

Below are tips for planning a naughty Christmas getaway or a New Year's Eve to remember. Whether you visit Vegas, Paris or decide to stay in your hometown, there's no reason you can't have a jolly old time this year with an unconventional celebration.

1. Decide what kind of sexy holiday you want to enjoy. Forget about the fattening eggnog and hanging the stockings by the chimney with care. This year, you are looking to create a holiday experience you'll always remember. But, before you can begin your naughty holiday plans, you must first make up your mind about what kind of memories you want to create and where you want to create them.

Do you want to go to a swingers bar? A fetish party? What about a brothel or strip club? Or, maybe you're keen on the idea of being a voyeur and watching someone else's naughty holiday, rather than creating your own. No matter what you decide, determining what kind of naughty adventure you want to experience will make it easier to plan your trip.

2. Choose a naughty destination. Now that you know what type of sexy holiday you're looking for, you can decide on a city. For example, if you're looking to frequent a brothel, then you should do your homework and find out where they're located. Legalized prostitution in the U.S. is available only in Nevada.

If you're looking for a lawful and legitimate, super swanky swingers club, then Paris is the place for you. If you want to make an appearance at a hardcore fetish club, London and Germany are great places to check out. When selecting the right naughty destination, you can easily do your research online or follow my blog at If you want to find out what’s available by city, buy my naughty city guides at

3. Research local laws. Sure, you're a naughty traveller who likes to live on the edge but nothing will ruin the holidays faster than a night in the slammer. Before you go traipsing the world looking for a good time — or in our case, a bad time — make sure to do your research. Continue reading ...

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