4 Tips For Great Solo Sex

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Enjoy some alone time with these self love tips.

I am going to show you how to have sex with yourself the right way so that you can have orgasmic bliss on tap. You're really going to enjoy some of the techniques I teach you for having sex with yourself, but first I'm going to cover a few ground rules to ensure that you do everything right and have maximum fun. (P.S. If you want to learn my best dirty talking tips and techniques, you'll find them in this powerful tutorial video.)

I know that you just want the techniques. Don't worry; they're coming. I just want to teach you some important preparation you can do to make having sex with yourself much more intense and your orgasms much stronger.

1. Do Not Disturb: The most important thing that you need to get handled is making sure that are not going to get disturbed during the act. Obviously if you are interrupted, then you aren't going to get to pleasure yourself. However, there is something much more subtle that can happen. If you are having sex by yourself and aren't totally sure that you won't be disturbed, then you will constantly be worrying about getting caught or disturbed. This fear and creeping worry will take you out of the moment and make it far less enjoyable.

2. Mood Setter: Once you are sure that you're not going to get disturbed, then it's time to start doing things that get you aroused and in the mood for sex before you actually start masturbating and having sex with yourself. Everyone has their own specific wants, needs and fantasies. You may need to just fantasize about a guy you like, but others may find reading a romance or erotica book helps the best. Others enjoy porn. So the advice here is to do whatever you need to do in order to get yourself in the mood. Now let's learn how to actually have sex with yourself.

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3. Super Hands: The easiest and cheapest way to have sex with yourself is by using your hands. Follow this roadmap for using your hands to give yourself tons of pleasure:

  • Start With A Stroke: The first and easiest technique to perform is running your fingers over the outside of your vagina. So just simply drag your fingertips over your vagina and around your vagina, labia and clitoris and make sure to focus on what areas feel the most pleasurable. After a minute of this, you may start to "itch" for something more. Don't give in just yet! Try to continue this for up to 10 minutes.
  • Explore With Those Fingers: Once you've really worked yourself up, then it's time to start doing some exploring with your fingers. At this stage you should already be quite wet. Start rubbing your finger in this wetness and then once your finger is wet too, start to slowly enter your vagina. Instead of just pushing your finger in and out, try pressing on your vaginal walls and massaging them and stroking them, paying super close attention to what feels most pleasurable.
  • Clitoral Explorations: The last part of the vagina that we are going to focus on today and potentially most pleasurable area is the clitoris. This is the tiny nub of skin that's located outside your vagina and above it. It's covered by a small flap of skin called the clitoral hood. So if you slide your hand down your stomach to your vagina, the first part of your vagina that you'll touch is your clitoris. It's incredible sensitive, especially so when you're aroused. Often you may find that it's so sensitive that you can't apply direct pressure and stimulation to it. Start by very gently running your fingers over it. Keep trying to adjust the pressure and speed that you stimulate it to find what feels most pleasurable. If you keep going at this and simply focus on doing what feels good, then you'll eventually reach orgasm.

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4. Lube/Massage Oil: Once you've mastered the basics to having sex with yourself and can easily reach orgasm, it's time to start adding more fun stuff into the mix. The first and easiest thing to consider is adding some massage oil or lube. The great thing about using the right massage oil as you masturbate is that it can make every touch & caress feel far, far more intense. While you will see tons of massage oils and lubricants advertised everywhere you look, the best is coconut oil. You can get it in most major supermarkets, and it's very cheap too. Nice!

5. Dildos: Now that you've tried out massage oil and have thoroughly explored everywhere down there with your fingers, it's time to use a dildo to have sex with yourself. Nowadays it's super easy to discreetly buy a dildo online and get it delivered in an unmarked box. You can even get them on Amazon! Once you get a dildo, it's time to put it to work. Start by using it to rub the outside of your vagina. This will also help to get it wet so that it slides in without too much friction. Then it's just a case of sliding it inside you. From here it's a case of finding out what angle you enjoy the most and how deep you enjoy taking it. Make sure to do a good bit of experimentation to discover what you enjoy the most:

  • Slow and deep?
  • Shallow and fast?
  • Only one particular angle?
  • A combination?

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