Are Your Partner's Social Skills Embarrassing?


embarrassing moment
Couples may be very happy together, but a partner's social behavior can humiliate the other.

I hear about it week after week, month after month. From men and women. No, it is not affairs. Here's what it is:

"When we are home together, life is great. But when we are with friends, family, workmates, bosses (take your pick—all are mentioned by various clients of all ages), he/she does things that make me want to hide under a table, or better yet, run."


The examples are endless...

A thirty-something bride with a demanding PR job has recently married. "It took me so log to find him," she explains. "He is kind, hard working and great in bed. But when he is with my friends or co-workers, he is forever saying stupid things and acting like a total jerk. He's asked my friend who is desperate to have children, what she is waiting for. He's gone to my boss's house, reached across the table for bread and spilled red wine all over a white table cloth." ENVY: A Deadly Sin in All Life Spheres

A successful psychologist, who after "an abysmal and empty marriage," is happily married to a construction worker. She explains: "I adore being with him. We have fun, love to travel, have great conversations, are good to each other’s kids, enjoy the same movies. But when he is with my friends he either clams up or talks in ways he never talks to me. He makes fun of others. He tells crude jokes. I just don't get it." 3 Ways To Squeeze In More Sex

A 28 year old client consulted me because his fiance humiliated him at a recent wedding, where he was best man. The bride, a youthful and attractive 38 year old, was about 5 years older than the groom. My client's fiancé asked the bride publicly at the rehearsal dinner how many men she had been with before she found Dr. Right. A Single Girl's Wish List: 7 Must-Haves For Mr. Right

"I love my husband," confided a 50 year old client I worked with about a year ago. "But we are only happy when we are together or with our children. My husband hates to socialize with others. If I insist he does, he is eitherp rude or refuses to seak."

In these above situations, 1 of 3 things is usually going on:

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