How Important Is Kissing Compatibility?


How Important Is Kissing Compatibility? [EXPERT]
When it comes to kissing, compatibility is everything. Find out why.

In all my dating years, I never thought much about kissing styles, and never put much weight into a great first kiss. But recently, I've had a couple of experiences that leave me wondering … how important is kissing compatibility?

In my opinion, most first kisses are a little awkward. I think it's natural to need a little practice before two sets of lips can find their perfect rhythm. And I would never deny a guy a second date because he kissed outside the lines, or because we clumsily knocked teeth. (I would wonder, however … "Is his mouth just that much bigger than mine? Or, does he have very big teeth?")


So I never thought much about having an amazing first kiss. Until I had one. I had known Tom for a while before we ever dated, and truth be told, I had a crush on him since the first time I saw him. Before we ever kissed, I remember expecting a hard, bony kind of kiss, the kind I had received once before from a guy with similarly small, thin lips. Should You Kiss On A First Date?

At the end of our first date, Tom really surprised me. His kiss wasn't hard or bony at all. It was perfect. I can only describe it by saying it made my insides sparkle, and it made me want to kiss him all night long. In the weeks to come, I couldn't get enough. I found myself saying things like, "A week is too long to go without your kisses." Yes, I had fallen for him, hard. How A Kiss Can Save Your Relationship

But great kissing isn't enough to make a great relationship, and things with Tom ended. It was difficult to let go of the idea of the relationship with him, and I think the kissing was largely to blame. Looking back, I realize I had ignored lots of warning signs that he didn't truly care for me. Damn my sparkling insides!

And then, there was Andy. Andy and I had great chemistry, but you'd never know it from our kisses. Our first kiss was … well, I don't remember how it was. I remember where and when it happened, but not any details of how it felt. It couldn't have been too good or too bad, I suppose.

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