War On Sex? An Interview With Dr. Marty Klein

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War On Sex? An Interview With Dr. Marty Klein [EXPERT]
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You've heard of the war on terror and the war on drugs, but do you know about the war on sex?

YourTango Expert Dr. Marty Klein, PhD is not only a licensed marriage and family therapist, he's also the author of six books, including 2012's hard-hitting second edition, America's War On Sex: The Continuing Attack on Law, Lust, and Liberty. The book explores our country's deep-seated anxiety about sexuality and the lengths to which our government is willing to go to keep its citizens sexually repressed.

In light of some timely events — including North Carolina's recent ban on gay marriage, President Obama's newfound support of it, and the fact that May is National Masturbation Month — Senior Vice President of YourTango Experts Melanie Gorman sat down with Dr. Klein recently to discuss his book, and why he's concerned about America's sexual trajectory.

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The Well-Coordinated, Deeply-Funded War On Sexuality

Melanie: Tell me about the book and how it came about for you.

Dr. Klein: Well, for years and years, I was running up against all the difficulties that Americans have about sexuality. I was running into the laws that restrict access to information and products and services; I was running into the mythologies that legislators were relying on to make terrible laws; I was running into the guilt that people felt; I was running into the anxiety people have about their kids' safety when it comes to sexuality. Does It Matter If You're 'Sexually Normal?'

So, I just kept running into this everywhere I turned, and eventually I began to understand that it's all connected. It's not just difficulty with contraception in this country, and it's not just difficulty with stocking vibrators at There's sort of a big picture here and the big picture is that there's a well-coordinated, deeply funded war on sexuality, and it's being fought on many different fronts, as I detail in the book.

The Freest Country In The World ... Except When It Comes To Sexuality

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Melanie: It sounds like your interest in this topic stems from your private practice. Are there any other influences for you?

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Dr. Marty Klein


Dr. Marty Klein is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist.

In his award-winning books lectures, newsletter, and therapy, he helps men & women understand and accept themselves and their sexuality, reducing their feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and isolation.

Dr. Klein's new book is Sexual Intelligence. Psychology Today says, "Read this book if you want to improve your sex life." To connect with Dr. Klein, see his provocative newsletter.

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