11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair [EXPERT]
Are you SURE you'll never act on those unfaithful instincts?

In light of all the controversy still surrounding the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders affair, let's take a look at some of the ways affairs actually begin.

For most, affairs aren't necessarily wrapped up in mere curiosity. Nor are they always about the sensual, sweaty romp most imagine. Sometimes, it's not even about sex at all.

In actuality, an affair can start from something more basic, like the level of intimacy you lack with your own partner. So before you start planning your rendezvous, ask yourself how you got to this moment in the first place. Here's a look at eleven subtle signs you're on the verge of an affair:

1. Hesitation. Hesitation can happen when someone asks you if you're in a relationship. Or, if they ask, "So how are things going?" You say, "Well, sort of …" or, "It's complicated." The fact that you’re hesitating about an obvious relationship that you're in reveals that you're uncertain about your current relationship and where you two stand.

"It's complicated" in so many words may imply that things aren't great; that you're considering a way out. It might even show that if you felt that the right opportunity presented itself, you may cheat.

2. Gawking. Staring or making eyes with someone who isn't your partner is another sign that you may cheat. Looking at others is harmless. But once your gaze lasts longer than a few seconds and once you're looking at another person up and down, staring at their certain ... um … assets, you're imagining yourself with that person.

Now, you're undressing them with your eyes. From there, you begin to imagine all sorts of things you shouldn't even be thinking because the person you're gawking at isn't your partner.

3. Sharing too much. Sharing too much information with the person you're attracted to can always be construed as a sign of emotional infidelity. Eventually, the person you're sharing with is privy to all sorts of information your partner isn't, giving this person the upper hand, which can be used to seduce you in the near future.

4. Side dating. Agreeing to meet anyone for a "quick lunch," "a drink," and so on, puts you in a vulnerable situation. If your meeting or get together has nothing to do with work or something truly platonic, then you may be crossing the line. If there are feelings involved on either side, you may be meeting this person, unknowingly weighing the options as to whether you're ready to take your friendship to the next level. Can Your Relationship Survive After Cheating?

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