Amazing & Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Amazing & Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Gender neutral, for him & for her ideas that will WOW!

Coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be a challenge, especially if you’ve been together a while. Roses are always a lovely choice but are overpriced during the holiday, and chocolate doesn’t usually go over well with most women who are constantly watching their figures.  Getting a gift for a man can be very difficult, too, especially when you want to give him something that’s still in the theme of celebrating your romance and not just a video game or gadget. 

To help you out this year, I've compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are sure to make your man or woman feel loved and cherished for days to come. Here are some gender neutral, for him and for her Valentine’s Day gift ideas:


Gender neutral practical gift:  A luxury coffee maker & Valentine’s Day themed mug

Some couples aren't mushy and romantic but still love to celebrate their love on V-day.  Nothing is more comfy and cozy than a hot, steamy cup of French roast in the morning.  If your significant other is a coffee drinker who can appreciate this sentiment, then a new Keurig brewing system or a William-Sonoma French Roast coffee maker might be the way to go this Febuary the 14th.

Even though coffee has the power to make a person feel as cozy and warm inside as the most romantic of moments, adding a heart-themed mug to the gift makes it more Valentine’s Day appropriate.  For a partner who is more modern and trendy than sentimental and gushy, BreadandBadger's orange or blue anatomical heart mug could be the perfect way to say, “You have my heart.”

Gender neutral nostalgic gift:  A visit to the place you first met & an 'It All Began, Our Story Poster Print'

Whether it was a park, the local library or a busy street corner, taking the one you love back to the place where you first laid eyes on him or her is the kind of romantic gesture that could resuscitate even the weakest of relationships.

Research suggests that nostalgia can increase your mental health, raising self-esteem and promoting feelings of being loved and protected by loved ones.  Don’t come empty-handed, though; have a romantic card that you can read out loud to your Valentine, or for extra bonus points, consider the Valentine's Day gift idea of an It All Began, Our Story Poster Print by WordsWorkPrints.

Gender neutral nature-inspired gift:  A Demdaco Willow Tree figurine & Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

Nothing says, “Thank you for loving me and showing me the power of giving” like Silverstein’s touching children’s story of unconditional love, and when combined with a willow-tree carved figurine of two lovers by Demdaco Willow Tree, you can use the beauty of trees and nature to communicate how much his or her partnership matters to your heart.

One of the artist’s figurines called Around You shows two lovers touching hands and heads as they share a tender moment.  It comes with an enclosed card that reads: “…just the nearness of you.”

Gender neutral cool gift:  A Voice Art canvas

Now you can make your loving words last forever.  For the perfect Valentine's Day gift, Voice Art will take a recording of your voice saying whatever sweet nothings you’d like to share with your sweetie and turns it into artwork.  You can custom create the size of your canvas and the colors used.  The most romantic part is that no one knows what you’re saying except you and your partner.  Hey, secrets are sexy!

Gender neutral fantasy gift: A trip to Monet’s gardens at Giverny, France

The serenity and beauty found in the immaculately kept flora and fauna of Monet’s gardens is the perfect backdrop for making lasting romantic memories. The Maison de Claude Monet was not only the home and gardens of the Impressionist painter, but was also the inspiration for his series of water lily paintings.  Aim to go in early summer when most of the garden’s 200,000 plants are in full bloom.

Though quaint, Giverny is nestled in a region that has so much to offer.  You can visit romantic castles on day trips or enjoy the art at the Musee D’Art Americain that exhibits artists who were inspired by Monet’s work.  Stay at the cozy, Old-World La Musardiere hotel or for a 5 star French experience, spend your night in nearby Versailles (41 Kilometers distance) at the exquisite Trianon Palace Versailles, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  The hotel’s own lush gardens, updated by famed landscape designer Louis Benech, make this retreat a perfect fit for a French garden vacation.

For Him:  Rose gold cuff links

Rose gold is back in vogue and considering the fact that nothing is more Valentine’s Day appropriate than the soft, elegant flower, it’s only fair to say rose gold is the perfect metal for jewelry gifts this February the 14th.

If you have a budget that allows for pampering your special man on Valentine's Day, Ralph Lauren’s Rose Gold Bar Cuff Links are classy, understated and masculine in design. If you can’t afford rose gold but like the idea of cuff links, consider Undercover Custom Engraved Cufflinks.  Engraved with your boy’s initials, the tubular-shaped links have a secret compartment that can hold a loving message from you.

For Him:  Chocolate bars for real men!

Though no one is denying that it’s delicious, chocolate seems too obvious a Valentine’s Day gift.  However, the well-respected chocolatier MarieBelle  has come up with a very sexy chocolate bar that might just make the candy the perfect gift for your man this Valentine’s Day.  It’s wrapped in a classic, calendar pinup girl image, and comes in dark or milk chocolate that’s so good it’s sexier than the pinup!

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