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'I Choose': A Poem About Life


Taking a stand, making a choice to actively engage life


I Choose to sit quietly in the sun and watch copper winged dragonflies

I Choose to be still and listen

I Choose to be open to whatever presents itself

I Choose to be kind and refrain from judgement of others

I Choose to drink copious amounts of tea

I Choose to purge my thoughts and feelings and writewritewrite until there is nothing left inside to come out

I Choose to smile at everyone and not care if they think “Who is this crazy smiling lady and what is she so happy about?”

I Choose to project happiness into the coming week

I Choose not to allow other’s insecurities and fears infect me with self-doubt

I Choose to take time throughout the day and send heartfelt virtual hugs to those I care about

I Choose to accept this moment, right now, and savor the essence before it slips away

I Choose to step with love, creating a safe path in hopes that others will join me on my journey

I Choose to stand tall (a full five feet 2 inches), face life head on, saying “C’mon! Gimmee all you got!! Don’t hold back because I can handle it!”

Then I wait and listen…Life says: “Well, ok then- here it goes! Brace yourself!”

I do, it comes…and you know what?

I am still standing.

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