10 Tips To Creating Fireworks In Your Relationship


10 Tips To Creating Fireworks In Your Relationship
Make fireworks in your relationship this holiday season.

No one said relationships were easy. But there are definitely ways you can enhance your relationship and keep the fireworks you felt when you first met. Here are some simple tips to make sparks fly over the upcoming holiday -- and every other night!

1. Make some “you” time.


Living together, eating together, spending weekends together; you see him all the time. Take a Friday night to go out with your girlfriends and you will actually enjoy the time you spend with him more. The time away and the independence you feel will remind you why you love not being single anymore. And you’ll always have someone waiting for you at home!

2. Take control

Taking control in the bedroom will surprise and excite your man. If he’s always the one making the first move, change it up a bit and drop some subtle hints throughout the day that you’d like to get a little frisky later. You don’t have to become the dominant Christian Grey, but showing him how much you want him will really create fireworks in the bedroom.

3. Experiment

Now, more than ever before, sex is becoming less of a taboo subject and more mainstream. It used to be that a woman needed a trench coat, dark sunglasses and a non-descript hat to cover up her curiosity while scanning the shelves at a sex shop. Now, it only takes a walk through the local drug store to find name-brand vibrators in the aisle next to the condoms. To bring that spark back to your relationship, try introducing intimacy enhancement products into the bedroom such as Masque Sexual Flavors -- dissolvable, flavored strips that cover the tastes associated with oral sex.

4. Don't rush

Sex therapists are unanimous in saying that foreplay is essential before you get it on with your man. Not only is foreplay fun, it could be necessary to help a woman relax before sex. Don’t forget about foreplay when you and your man are alone. Why do teenagers kiss longer and feel more lust and passion? Sure they may be a little nervous, but it’s ultimately because it’s fun. Teenagers haven’t lost sight of the joys of a simple kiss. Don’t rush right into the act; the little things can give you quite a spark.

5. Share fun experiences

If the two of you have settled into a routine, you may resist trying new things. Sit down together and share your bucket lists. Always wanted to go sky diving? Never been skinny dipping? Suggest some things you’d love to do with him and commit to making them happen. Sharing fun experiences will be sure to spice up your relationship.


6. Plan a fun date

Coming up with new activities to do together will keep your relationship fresh and fun. Going on dates like you did while getting to know each other will bring back those same exciting feelings. Take turns having each of you plan a fun outing once a week. Watching movies on the couch gets old and gives you no time to chat and laugh with your partner. Try going for a picnic in a nearby park, renting a kayak and heading out to a lake, enrolling in a salsa class together or creating matching mugs in a pottery studio. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, you can come up with tons of creative ideas to get out of the house.

7. Increase your communication

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