Are Your Relationships Making You Sick?


Are Your Relationships Making You Sick? [EXPERT]
Reducing your stress will keep you living a longer, happier life!
Bad relationships cause cancer. No, seriously.

Being in a romantic relationship is something that most of us aspire to; finding that one special person to go through life's ups and downs with, someone to come home to, to laugh with and play with. It's wonderful to know that you have a best friend that will always be there for you. But what if the person that you are with is literally making you sick? We often stay with someone because we have a history with them, or we love them. But often, women give until it hurts and put aside our pain and stay with someone long after the relationship's expiration date. 3 Ways To Avoid Unwanted Stress

Dr. Leonard Coldwell states in his book, The Only Answer To Cancer, that stress is the main cause of cancer. "If you are in a relationship that you can't stand being in any longer or have a job that's killing you in every sense of the word, then that is what is causing your cancer." Dr. Coldwell also says that cancer often means not loving yourself. "Many people with cancer have devoted their entire lives to helping and supporting other people, but if the motivation behind it is to get love in return, it is an indication of not loving yourself."

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I was in a seven year marriage with someone who verbally abused me. I spent most of those years in arguments, tears and frustration. Things didn't go right for me in my career and I made a lot of irresponsible decisions. Luckily, I was physically healthy because I was young and had a strict diet and exercise program ... but I was mentally and emotionally sick. 5 Tips For A Healthier Body & Brain

Our physical and mental health is of the utmost importance and is what makes life really worth living. When we are strong and healthy, full of energy and life, we can do the things that we want to do, visit the places we have always wanted to visit and experience all that this wonderful life has to offer us. Put yourself first. Many of us are treating the person who is causing us stress better than we treat ourselves. That person could be a romantic partner, a friend, a co-worker or a boss. What We Can Learn From Rihanna About Relationships

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