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Is it possible to sexually fulfilled? Sarita shares tips for women on satisfying sexual desire.

The sexual fulfilment of women is one of my favourite topics, and I have dedicated 37 years of personal and professional research to the study of it.

There are five factors which are important to understand when discussing women’s sexual fulfilment.

1) Sexual anatomy
2) Cycles
3) Senses
4) Chakras
5) Spirituality

I have written a book called “Divine Sexuality” which goes into great detail on the subject of both women’s and men’s sexuality. This article highlights some of the key points that are essential for women. I refer to the vagina as the ‘yoni’ – the Tantric word for the female genitals, meaning ‘sacred place’, and the penis as ‘lingam’ meaning ‘wand of light’.

Sexual anatomy

Do you know?

· The clitoris has 3000—5000 nerve endings, all devoted to pleasure, connected to pleasure centres all over her body.

· The hood of the clitoris is attached to the clitoral bulbs, which reside inside the body and become engorged and erect when the woman is sexually excited. The hood is also connected to the vaginal lips, both inner and outer which also become engorged and erect during excitation.

· Orgasmic contractions happen inside the yoni, but the intensity can vary, depending on the degree of excitation and arousal in the whole body, thus giving rise to the terms: ‘whole body orgasm’, vs ‘localized clitoral orgasm.’

· In general, women require a minimum of 20 minutes of sensual and sexually stimulating ‘warm up’ to reach a threshold from where sexual orgasm becomes possible.

· After sexual orgasm, in general, a woman remains on the plateau, ready for more orgasms, for at least 20 minutes.

· Women are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms, (one orgasm feeding into the next in an unbroken river of ecstasy,) as well as chain orgasms, (one orgasm following the next with short gaps in between.)

· The yoni of a woman is not very sensitive unless she is highly aroused. This is because it is the birth canal, and if it was as sensitive as the clitoris and clitoral bulbs, it would be excruciating to give birth.

· When the woman is highly aroused, the yoni lengthens and expands, giving rise to a craving to be penetrated by her lover.

· The yoni, being versatile, forms herself, to fit the size of the lingam which is penetrating her, (within reason according to anatomical proportions of both partners.)

· The way a woman desires to be stimulated sexually, or to stimulate herself, stems from how she has learned to experience sexual pleasure. In most cases, her sexual empowerment is dependant on how she has trained herself to respond sexually during masturbation.

· A woman is capable of multiple orgasms into her 90s and beyond.

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