Which Condoms Would the Characters of GIRLS use? {EXPERT]


Which Condoms Would the Characters of GIRLS use? {EXPERT]
Lucky Bloke knows that finding the right condom can greatly improve your sex life. Our top picks:

Every Sunday night, the girls from the Research & Development department here at Lucky Bloke take a break from working hard to improve your sex life, to curl up in front of the TV and live vicariously through the 20-something misadventures of our favorite GIRLS - Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna.

Although most of the sex that occurs on GIRLS is awkward and cringe worthy at best, we can’t help but wonder how things would be different for these GIRLS if they had access to some of the world’s finest condoms available via our favorite destination for the very best condoms: theCondomReview.com.


Curious as to which condoms we’d suggest for these leading ladies? Check out our suggestions:

Hannah: Smart, quirky and often unlucky in love, when it comes to choosing boyfriends, Hannah is often drawn to unusual, oddball types. As a writer, Hannah is always in search of new experiences which is why we think she’d love the Billy Boy Beaded condom. One of Europe’s premium condoms, with packaging that has a cool, downtown vibe, the Billy Boy Beaded features a combination of microstuds and generous silicone lubrication to ensure a sensational ride for both partners.

Marnie: Beneath Marnie’s classic, pulled together and practical demeanor, we sense there lurks a sexy and spontaneous side, ready to be let loose given the right moment. When it comes to choosing a condom, we suspect Marnie would go for something sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing like the Kimono Microthin condom. Exceptionally reliable and made with state-of-the-art Japanese technology, the Kimono Microthin features slick silicone lubricant for an unmistakable “silky smooth” experience and a feeling like no other condom.

Jessa: Beautiful, British and free-spirited, Jessa’s travelled to as many foreign countries as she’s had boyfriends. With her globe-trotting, boho-luxe sensibilities, we think Jessa would be all over the ONE Tantric Pleasures condom. Tantric Pleasures, the first condom  in the world created with a tattoo inspired texture for increased pleasure, is exotic and feels great - both inside and out. It comes in three different designs - Maori, Tribal and Titan - which are sure to satisfy your inner bohemian fashionista.

Shoshanna: Bubbly and slightly naive at first glance, Shoshana has the ability to stop people dead in their tracts with her timely and insightful one-liners. With it’s rosy hue and delightful, naturally flavored strawberry taste, the Glyde Strawberry Ultra Condom would be perfect for Shoshanna. It’s ultra girly, however with it’s uber thin comfort design and flavouring made of natural, sugar free, organic, fruit and nut extracts, this condom is anything but a wallflower. We can totally imagine Shoshanna telling Ray, “Don’t worry, it’s like, totally organic”

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