Amazing Safer Sex is Just Three Minutes Away!


Amazing Safer Sex is Just Three Minutes Away!
You're not alone if "meh!" is how you'd describe your relationship to condoms. The solution? Read...

Yes, it is time for you to know how to buy the best condoms for you and your partner.

In this day and age, if you don’t love your condom, you are using the wrong condom for you.


However, you are not alone, many people mistakenly believe that all condoms are created equal (one size fits all –which could not be further from the truth) and, thus, go for whatever is free or on sale.  However, with condoms you get what you pay for!

Combine that with the fact that most condom users have only had easy access to the brands (and very limited stock) commonly carried in drugstores and pharmacies.

Have you ever tried comparing condom boxes? It doesn't help much does it? No, not at all, because marketing and sales messaging rules over any actual useful information to assist you in making an educated decision. And besides, it is damned uncomfortable if you're being watched by other shoppers!

So what tends to happen is you either choose one condom that  ends up being just satisfactory and continue to endure it thinking that all condoms are the same anyhow.

However, when you pick up cheap condoms here or there, and are underwhelmed by the condom experience...should you be all that surprised?

The great news is that you can put all of this behind you!

There are very innovative brands from all over the world offering a better fit and feel than ever before. 

At Lucky Bloke we have carefully chosen 70 of the very best international condoms available to remove the guesswork for you. You'll be surprised at how much better a premium condom is over what you have been using. And you will also see how affordable these premium condoms can be. Seriously, is spending $2 more dollars worth hotter sex? Absolutely.

Okay having an excellent selection is the first how do you choose the condom that is right for you?  

Step one - more than anything else, condom size matters! 
If you aren’t sure what size you need, here is a general rule of thumb: 

Take an empty toilet paper roll and the erect penis of your choice.  
Attempt to slide the cardboard tube over the penis. 

If it slips on easily with a lot of extra room. He's one of the 30-35% of men that needs a slimfit or more tailored condom.

If it fits comfortably (now it may just fit and I am not saying it will be super comfortable - as you have just slipped a cardboard tube over his penis), but its on and is as comfortable as you’d expect a cardboard tube to be -he is one of the 50% of men that needs a medium or standard size condom

If you cannot get it on at all -or it is really too tight - he is one of the men that requires a larger condom.

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