10 Entertaining Condom Facts


10 Entertaining Condom Facts
After reading these ten facts you'll have enough witty condom banter to impress all of your friends.

Sure sometimes condoms do get a bad rap, but these 10 interesting facts will make you realize, current condom users don't have it too badly afterall.

1. Condom design and manufacturing has made some impressive advances in the last hundred years, but the condom itself is far from a new invention. The oldest known claim to the use of condoms if actually part of a cave painting in Grotte des Combarrelles in France. The paintings in this cave are estimated to be between 12,000 and 15,000 years old!

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Impressive advances? Yes, ONE's Pleasure Plus is true condom innovation!

2. Condoms have not always covered the full length of the penis. Prior to the 15 th century, men in China placed bits of oiled silk paper over their glans only, and men in Japan used tortoise-shell “caps.”

Ah, how Japanese condom technology has improved: Kimono Microthin is your answer.

3. The first large-scale case of condom use was in the 16th Century. Gabriele Fallopio claimed that he invented a linen condom that was soaked in a chemical solution, allowed to dry, and tied on the penis with a ribbon. He tested his condom by having 1100 men wear them while having intercourse with women infected with the “French Disease”—that would be syphilis—and the testees claimed they did not contract the disease. We’re pretty sure this would violate modern standards of ethical experimentation…

We're going to distract you from that last factual tidbit, by mentioning Glowing Pleasures...a true glow-in-the-dark condom.

4. The average condom can hold as much as 4 quarts of liquid—that’s about a gallon. Of course, that’s without the male member in it, but still, very impressive! That lets you know that no matter the level of your guys’ output, your condom will keep you covered.

If impressive size is an issue, may we suggest:  Lifestyles' KYNG for your King.

5. Condoms have had a bad rap for a long time as being desensitizing to the point of taking all the fun out of sex. We’ll admit that this may have been true at one time. No longer! Today there are condoms that taste delicious (are actually made with the same kind of flavorings that go in to food!), feel amazing, and get both you and your partner to that O so delightful place.

Delicious condoms? Indeed! GLYDE Strawberry Slimfit or Ultra is the condom for you.

6. In the late 19th century, the Germany military was the first large-scale institution to promote condom use among its members. Soon after, in the 20th century, the American armed forces followed suit. As a result of this action, the rate of STI’s was significantly reduced.

German condoms? Perhaps, you'd like to try Billy Boy Beaded.

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