How to Make Him Crazy For You


How to Make Him Crazy For You
Do this and he'll easily be yours

At one point or another, we've all wondered, "Why is it that the people I'm interested in are not interested in me? And the people I ignore keep contacting me?"  It would be statistically improbable, if not impossible, that every time you liked someone they didn't feel the same and vice versa. So what's really going on here?

I would like to introduce you to your new best friend when it comes to solving this dilemma and that is: Positive Partial Reinforcement (PPR). This is a psychological term where the reward is not granted every time the desired action is taken.

The effectiveness of PPR is the cornerstone of Vegas. People stay at the slots or tables because they are only rewarded at random intervals. If they were never rewarded, they would soon give up. If they were always rewarded, they would eventually get bored and move on.

In one experiment, a pigeon given a random reward for pecking a button over a one minute interval, continued pecking for over three hours without reward.

You naturally do this with the person you're not interested in - you see them or talk to them when it's convenient for you. You throw them a bone once in a while, but you don't go out of your way for them. These are the people who end up being crazy about you. You are witnessing the effects of PPR.

However, the person you are interested in, you make yourself available for, talk to them for hours on the phone, return their texts immediately, etc. These are the people you always seem to have to work so hard to get!

So how can you apply PPR to the person you're crazy about?

AVAILABILITY - By always being available, you diminish your value. It's human nature to not appreciate something that's always there. When you like someone, you of course want to see them as much as possible, so you make yourself available - that's the kiss of death! Do the opposite. This keeps him from being satiated and keeps him wanting - and that's where you want him.

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