8 Reasons You Should Consider Breaking-Up


8 Reasons You Should Consider Breaking-Up
Your relationship may be in trouble, but you often don’t see it.

Sometimes we get so used to being in a relationship with someone –even a bad relationship– we forget what it felt like when things were good. There are lots of problems, but we avoid them. And when we do see them, we sometimes don’t do anything.     

There are many signs that a break-up could be imminent. While cheating is obviously a huge reason to end a relationship, there are many others. And many have to do with some kind of a breakdown in communication. So what are the signs? This list contains reasons that are at the base of every relationship. 


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1) You Feel That You’re Taken for Granted: You’re with the wrong person when they don’t give as much as you’re giving in the relationship. It can be something as small as them showing up late all of the time to meet you. You want to feel like you’re respected and appreciated.  

2) You Don’t Make Love: When the sex is over in any relationship it’s heading toward a break-up. 

3) You Don’t Communicate: When the communication between two people is over, the relationship is as well. 

4) You Lose Your Self-Esteem: If you keep giving in to stay together even though your partner treats you badly, you will lose your self-esteem. 

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5) You Feel Smothered: When your partner gets the feeling that you may be leaving the relationship, they will try to pull you closer. You will start to feel smothered. 

6) You Are Growing Apart: As time passes, sometimes two people don’t have anything in common any longer.

7) You Forget Important Dates: If you forget important dates in your relationship like anniversaries or birthdays you know it’s all over and it’s just a matter of time.

8) You Stop Talking about the Future: When you stop discussing future plans as a couple and only talk about the past, it’s a sign things will not progress any further in a positive way. 

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