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Women seeking a relationship

Women seeking a relationship

Found the Love of Her Life

UPDATE: Farrah's boyfriend recently proposed and they are engaged to be married in 2013!

“Christian is simply amazing. His theories on feminine/masculine energy are right on. I usually have a tough time letting go and allowing the man to take care…

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Changed My Life

“I first contacted Christian when the guy I was dating started to pull away. After listening to my story, Christian gave me a whole new approach to the situation. He told me that this guy was “renting the girlfriend” by…

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"Angels Work Through Christian"

“Angels work through Christian and anyone fortunate to receive his advise will be blessed. Christian gave me solid advise while I was dating a guy who was pressuring me to have sex with him. I knew I wanted to be…

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Changed my Dating Life

    “Dating used to be tough. I used to over analyze everything. Then Christian made me realize how simple guys are. I realized what I was doing wrong and with the help of Christian I was able to change my…

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Brought Back my Freedom

    “I believe all women, at least one time in their lives, have been carrying emotional baggage from past relationships or for future ‘I want him to be my boyfriend’ kind of men…. I believe the greatest achievement of mine,…

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Why Do Men Disappear?

Had a great date and he never calls again? Maybe three dates and then nothing?

Cool Off

5 Ways to Attract the Man You Want

How science can be your best wingman when attracting the man you want.


The #1 Key to Attracting a Healthy Relationship

What is the number one key to a relationship that most singles leave at the door when they date?

Technology & Dating: The Facebook Effect [EXPERT]

Technology & Dating: The Facebook Effect

Does social media kill your dating life? Read on!


When to Have Sex in a Relationship

When is the right time for sex when you are looking for a long term relationship?

Date Coach Christian Anderson

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