7 Days Of Sex: Why You Should Try It


7 Days Of Sex: Why You Should Try It [EXPERT]
Lifetime Television's racy new experiment brings couples closer together ... literally.

Lifetime television has a new reality series called Seven Days Of Sex which follows two couples per week as they are assigned to have sex for seven days in a row. The cameras follow them each step of the way to see what happens during this mini-experiment. The hope is that each couple will spice up their bedroom life, renew their commitment to one another, and transform their marriage. 10 Fun Facts About Online Dating

The idea of a therapist assigning sex is not a new one. The idea of 30-days-of-sex abounds in books, magazines, and even at church. In fact, a Florida pastor made the national news after asking his married patrons to engage in an experiment of 30 straight days of sex. Pastor Paul Wirth of Relevant Church cited a statistic that 20 million Americans who are married have sex less than 10 times a year.


While Seven Days Of Sex is just a shortened version of the 30-days-of-sex experiment, I was truly impressed with the results on the first episode. On the first episode, the cameras followed two couples, each one facing unique troubles. One couple, Lauryn and Brown, had difficulty making quality time for one another with three young children at home and full-time jobs. Anthony and Anna faced financial difficulties and control issues.  Doctors Found The G-Spot; Now What?

Both couples reported that their relationships were very hot and heavy in the beginning stages. They reported that daily stresses and "real life" caught up with them, and now they are having trouble keeping the spark alive in the bedroom.  Lauryn reports that she can't remember the last time she had sex with Brown, while Anthony reports that he and Anna are not having sex "often enough."

During the seven-day experiment, both couples go through their ups and downs. There are some amazing days and some really bad days for both couples. Here is a breakdown of what happens on each day:

DAY 1: Lauryn goes out with her friends to ask them for advice about how to spice up her sex life. She ends up going home and trying to incorporate the shower into her relationship with Brown. They report that they have never had sex in the shower. Overall, it is a good night for them. Meanwhile, Anna and Anthony go out for a nice, sushi dinner. She comes home and tells Anthony, "I think I need a nap before. Just let me lay down for 20 minutes." They end up making it through day one. '50 Shades Of Grey': Why We Love Erotic Power Play

DAY 2: Lauryn is very tired and tries to cheat her way out of the experiment. She wants to "pretend" that she and Brown have sex, and then make up for it by having sex twice on day three. But Brown says, "we made a commitment and we stick to it." They have what Lauryn calls "the worst sex ever," but they both end up laughing about it hysterically.

Meanwhile, Anthony wants to add a challenge to the experiment, and tells Anna that he wants to get her to have an orgasm on each of the seven days. Anna replies, "Can't you just play nice and not worry about all these little details … Just let it happen and don't ask so many questions." It is clear that control is an issue in their relationship.

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