Puppy Training Men Is A Thing Now, And It Just Might Work


Puppy Training Men Is A Thing Now, And It Just Might Work
He may have more in common with Spot than you think.

Want your man to behave? Well, according to Life Coach, Sloan Sheridan-Williams, you should train him like a puppy.

Even though you shouldn't actually treat a man the way you would an animal (that would be quite demeaning), as crazy as it sounds, changing your behavior to train your man the way you would a dog might actually improve your relationship. Here are four dog-training techniques that you can also apply to your man.


1) Give Your Man A Long Leash: When you pull the leash too tight on your man (i.e. don't allow him to have new hobbies, are suspicious of his new friends or constantly demand to know where he is all the time), you may actually cause him to work harder to pull away from you.

One of the reasons may be the fact that he feels overcrowded without having because he can't burn off his energy. Like dogs, men are full of energy. So if they feel under-stimulated, they will act out at home while you are away or when they interact with other puppy owners. The best way to ensure that your dog (and your man) comes back is to allow for a long leash. This will give your dog an opportunity to explore without feeling controlled. When it's time to come back, you won't have to beg and plead — he will return on his own.

2) Be Brief — But Clear — About What You Want: The best dog trainers know that you have to give short and uncomplicated commands to your dog so that they know exactly what you want.

Now, you can't exactly boss men around in the same way that you would your puppy, but the lesson to take from this is you want to communicate your needs and desires in the shortest and most straightforward way possible. Women by nature are more discussion-oriented than men so would rather communicate through dialogue, discussions about their emotions, choices and problems. However, doing that may only confuse men more without giving them clear instructions about what you want.

3) Don't Overdo It With The Punishments: Sloan suggests that a puppy owner (and girlfriend or spouse) should only reward good behavior, and ignore bad behavior.

Dogs live in the moment. Dogs react to situations. They do not think ahead or plan out bad deeds. Therefore, the type and intensity of the punishment needs to be just enough to get the dog to listen — no more or no less. Anything over that is overkill and will actually do more harm than good. On the other hand, if you do not punish your dog at all, then he will never learn.

In relationships the same rule applies; when you punish your partner too severely or act like you don't trust them, you are going to inevitably push your partner away or at the very least create complacency in him. Make sure to bring up any bad behavior and communicate to your partner exactly why it bothers you. Then let it go.

4) Be Consistent In Your Behavior: When you treat your dog well, he will become very possessive. If you happen to stray from your routine of walking him, playing with him, feeding him regularly, he will begin to wonder if another dog is receiving the same wonderful treatment.

Men are the same way. If you suddenly stop being affectionate, caring and nice to him, he may start to think that you are possibly seeing someone else or have just lost interest in him. Make sure to be consistent in your behavior, though you should also be flexible if circumstances change.

Whether you have a puppy or a boyfriend, you have to hang in there and have patience. The joy and the companionship that you have between the two of you will far outweigh the problems you have in trying to communicate and understand each other's needs.

Keith Dent is a premiere life coach when it comes to empowering couples to have better relationships. If you are interested in a free 45 minute consultation or your interested in signing up for a free newsletter, contact him at info@strive2succeedcoaching.com

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