10 Places To Have Sex In Other Than The Bedroom


It's time to get out of bed and try some new places!

Open any women's magazine and you'll find a list of fun places to have sex with your man. From the movie theater to the airplane, the suggestions often veer towards the wild side. The truth is, you could have sex just about anywhere; it all depends on how bold you are. Coupled? Don't Straggle From Your 'Gaggle'

But where's the list for the average woman, who isn't willing to risk a jail sentence or public embarrassment to put some adventure into her sex life? Well, here are my suggestions for the top 10 places for the everyday woman to get adventurous.5 Fun Moves To Spice Up Your Sex Life

1. The hotel — After rushing the kids to soccer practice and a long day at the office, sometimes your house doesn't exactly get you in the mood. Getting away to a hotel, even in your own town, can feel like a vacation. And when you're done, you don't even have to make the bed!

2. In a public park — Public parks are kept up by staff, making them a beautiful place for you to show your guy some love. They're usually gated at night, but it isn't too difficult to sneak in; worrying that you might get caught will get your adrenaline pumping. Once you're there, find a bench or a picnic table, lay back, watch the stars and then make some shooting stars yourself.

3. In the shower or bath — This is the perfect place to play it safe, but still switch up a boring bedroom routine. Whether you try it standing up, on a shower bench, or do it on the tub, get creative and keep the action private. Some people aren't up for sex outside of their homes but that doesn't mean they can't experiment a little inside them.

4. In a car — If you've seen the movie A Lot Like Love, you know that having sex in a car doesn't have to be raunchy and sweaty. Parking the car in a secluded lot or an open field leaves little chance of getting caught and a lot of opportunity for romance. Bring some blankets, roll down the windows and cuddle up in the back seat with your partner.

5. In a canoe — These small boats are relatively inexpensive to purchase or rent, but let you get away where you can really "rock the boat." The unsteady nature of a canoe will force you to stay extra close to your man so you don't tip over!

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