Sexy After 50…for Women Only


Sexy After 50…for Women Only
What makes women over 50 sexy? Confidence, grace, and much more!
What makes women over 50 sexy? Confidence, grace, and much more!

When we see young people who marry too soon we often say, “As long as they are happy.” But these are the words I heard recently from Sally who had just returned from her mother’s wedding. “As long as she is happy” she muttered with embarrassment. You see, her mom is 83!

I say, “CONGRATULATIONS” to her mom. Women today are actually sexier as they grow older. Have you noticed that? It is almost a revolution. Partly because of all the cosmetics and other benefits women have in this new age but mostly because we now give ourselves permission to BE SEXY! Recently in a conversation with a woman in her 50s she divulged to me that she wants to be sexy well into her 80s. Why not? Let’s explore what is possible.


Three steps to a sexy you:

There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. When a woman is over 50 and walks into a room with grace, knowledge and a confident air that shouts, she knows who she is and why she has come… heads will turn. There is a sparkle in her eye that cannot be denied. She can talk easily to anyone in the room and often she will have her choice of partners when she leaves.

Flirting with intention. When a woman has mastered the playfulness of flirting she can command a room. There have been books written about this but practice is the mother of invention when it comes to flirting. Let your eyes do your talking and do not forget to smile. Remember flirting is sexy; you must feel into it. A great place to practice is the grocery store.

Just remember these four steps:

1. Eye contact that lasts 2-4 seconds.

2. A smile that warms his heart.

3. Ask him a question to get the conversation going.

4. Work the room. Do not stay too long in one place. Flirt and move on, later return and check-in and move on. It is part of the allure.


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This article was originally published at Coach Judith. Reprinted with permission.
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