Soul Sex: The Art Of Lovemaking


Soul Sex: The Art Of Lovemaking
Anyone can make love. Creating a love-making experience that takes you beyond orgasm is soul sex.

Ahhh! The art of love-making. Part I.

In today's busy world where we fast forward through life often missing the best parts. We need to set aside dedicated time for quality sex if we want our relationship to survive. Soul Sex does not take place in 15 minutes. It requires patience, planning and will give you countless hours of exquisite pleasure.


In a series of 7 articles we will slowly go through the process of how to have the deep mind-body-soul connection that leads to great sex.

The ultimate love-making experience that goes beyond sex is where the expression, "I saw God!" comes from. This is the most amazing bliss that two people can have together. It is not an event that you can rush through to "get to the good stuff." Orgasm is not the focus. Pleasure is. Building sexual tension slowly for a peak experience. You enjoy each moment as it comes. No pun intended.

Always begin with a squeaky clean body.  I guarantee you that the fresher you are from the shower, the more varied the activities that will take place.

Set The Mood

Music can set the mood for anything, including sex. From Barry White to Marvin Gaye, there is a wide variety to choose from. Make sure you have lots of music lined up, as one song will not do, unless it's Ravel's Bolero. A link is provided here:


Before you go any further, make sure you have your cell phones, and television turned off. Any interruption can jar you back to reality. You won't want to be interrupted.

Blending Your Energies

Before the first touch, sit in front of each other, facing each other. Take a few moments to sit in silence and just breathe in the other. Without touching, close your eyes and enjoy your combined energy. This time will help you both get centered and calm from your day. Let each exhalation release all the negativity you have accumulated from the outside world.

Deep Eye Gazing

It begins with a look. A deep meaningful look where you gaze into your partners soul. You are not thinking about what to pick up at the grocery store, or texting while you are intermittently gazing into your partners eyes. With a soft focus on nothing else but each other. Keep your bodies from touching. Focus only on their eyes. You may laugh, or you may cry - be open to either. You have to able to allow your partner to see inside you. Be transparent. Do not try to hide or put up barriers to the other, you will miss the really deep intimacy you are creating.

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